Posted by: Josephine T | June 20, 2013

Oh Hazy Days

ImageOh the Sumatran haze
Arising from the forest raze
Is back again to haunt
Across the sea on its yearly jaunt.

With the PSI at 321
Going outdoors is no fun

The fog that envelopes us all
Has turned the sun into an orange ping pong ball
It makes us cough and tear
Everyday we’re living in fear.

If it goes up any higher
We’d better drink more water
Stay indoors and wear a mask
Let’s all pray it doesn’t last.

Posted by: Josephine T | April 28, 2013

Quietly he lay in the casket

A tribute to a local actor.

Quietly he lay in the casket
For he had just kicked the bucket
Stricken for the last few months
Looking gaunt and tired.

Friends asked if he was alright
Alright he was, as he said
Oh, I just have the flu
And don’t have much appetite.

The murderous cells replicated
Like a flaming bonfire
And soon he’s saying his goodbyes
To those who knew enough to drop by.

His life has just flashed past
Much like the reeling spools
Of videos and movies collecting dust
Out of which the nostalgic pull.

There they sat watching
Reruns of his glorious days
Where he played the leading man
And put his acting chops on display.

And now that he is gone
Everyone was lamenting
The stealthy, sad passing
Of yet another showbiz icon.


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