This blog will document my journey with God. After 16 years of struggle, I am no further from Him then when I first started running away, for He keeps sending messengers into my life in different seasons – change of jobs, personal struggles at work and in my thoughts, feelings and emotions…

I have been a sceptic for that many years. Despite saying the sinner’s prayer 3 times, on 19 November 2011, in December 1995 and in Primary 6, attending service on and off, attending a cell group quite regularly for a year, I still had many doubts and disbeliefs and refused to admit that God was real. Even now, as I start this blog, I still have many doubts, wanting to see real evidences all the time – Moses parted the Red Sea? Jesus calmed the raging seas, and walked on water? How could that ever be humanly possible unless I saw it for my own eyes? Well, I still haven’t seen miracles being performed in front of my eyes, but I have decided to take the leap of faith, as many of the Christian messengers sent into my life kept exhorting me to. For many years I had ignored their pleas.

Nevertheless, God never lets up, His unrelenting patience just like the interminable waves that crash onto the shore every few seconds, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. Each day, I see more and more “evidences”, or the too-often coincidences that show to me He is real and in our midst, more so than ever now that I have decided to surrender completely and let Him direct me. I cannot hold out much longer that He is not real…

Special thanks to Jasmine for helping me to set up this blog.

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